Tuesday, March 4, 2008

say what????

Remember when I was moaning about not having a job? Well, not only have I gotten a job and started last March 3, but it seems that I am also going to be sent off to different parts of the world because of my job and I am even going to have an American Express Gold Card to pay for my expenses. Isn't that the coolest thing ever? Hehe ...

This is from someone who has never set foot outside my own country. Whee!!!! Ü
PS. Please pray for my hubby. He still has to find a job and being a houseband does not seem to suit him. Thanks guys!


  1. My job involves much less travel. I don't have to get out of bed unless I want to. ;)

  2. congratulations on the new job! the perks are just awesome!

  3. Travel and an expense account. That is so cool. Congrats and have fun.

  4. Mike: we can't have all the luck.

    firefly: I know. It's so cool huh?

    daddy: I know that there would be something that I need to give back for all of this. I'm probably gonna be a slave. haha

  5. That's wonderful Kay. Hope you'll have a great time exploring new countries. Sounds exciting!

    Hope your hubby will find an equally fulfilling job.


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