Saturday, March 1, 2008

starbucks story

The weather could be sunny, rainy, or a bit overcast. The chairs comfortable, plush, and can sit anyone willing to plant their derriere for a moment or more. The ambience is very soothing to the soul and soft music is playing. The aroma of coffee is so strong that it gives you an instant energy boost soon as you enter the place.

Two strangers meeting for the first time and finding out they have a lot in common. They talk and talk, not noticing that hours have already passed. When they see the time, they are amazed. They both knew that they were officially hooked.
A group of friends come in and sit, chatting boisterously. They trade stories and war memories of statistics classes that they have just gone through. They share memories of the terror teacher they had and their crush who doesn't know they exist. This will always be the place where they would reminisce.

Two lovers deep in conversation; people unaware that their hearts were getting torn to bits and pieces. They are breaking up and much as they would love to be somewhere private, they know that they need to be here, the one place where it all started.

Families who don't see each other frequently grab a quick of coffee here to catch up on each other's lives. Really? He's married now? Whoa! Let's do this again. I miss seeing you.

These are just some of my Starbucks stories. These are the events in my life that Starbucks have been witness to. Falling in love, falling out of love, chatting with friends and catching up with family members. I feel lucky that Starbucks is now a part of my life and I hope that it will always be there to share my happiness, my pain, and my memories.

So feel free to sit down on the couch and have a drink with me.

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