Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sweet Valley Fever

Admit it! If you're in your mid twenties or older ... you are most likely one of the huge fans of the SV series. I know I was. Actually, I'm still trying to complete the series jsut for the sake of completing it. So let's go down memory lane and see how much of the following you can answer. Got the questions from here bdw. More information here too.

If you want to get rid of your Sweet Valley books, GIVE THEM TO ME PLEASE!

1.What was the name of the SVH sports teams?
2.What about the fraternity and sorority on campus?
3.Or the local pizza place?
4.Or the clothes boutique at the mall where Lila shoplifted all that stuff from?
5.Who was Nicholas Morrow?
6.Ken Matthews?
7.Dana Larson?
8.What was Liz’s favorite carbonated beverage?
9.What number was part of one of Jessica’s catch-phrases?
10.What identical item of jewelry did the twins wear?
I answered about 4. How many did you get?

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