Monday, April 9, 2007

thanks and a chicken alfredo recipe

First off, thank you to everyone who shed some light into my neurotic self. Hubby and I have spoken and all's well that ends well. Hehe ... So as a thank you ... here's a recipe for Chicken Alfredo. Everyone loves chicken as well as pasta so here's a recipe combining both.

On a side note, I have lost 5lbs since January. Whee!

Second, here's a recipe I've tried that came out fantastic. Either it was a really good recipe or I'm that good in the kitchen. Oh yeah. Lol!

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

I was sipping a really cold milk since we're experiencing mild heat wave here when the tornado came barreling in our room. I decided to let him try sipping and was planning on teaching him how to. Imagine my shock when he grabbed the straw and sipped like a pro. I am such a proud Mommy right now. Cheers cheers!

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