Friday, April 20, 2007

friends forever you said...

this is a picture of my foot and my high school best friends foot ...
Have you kept in touch with friends from way back? You know, the ones who come from your kindergarten days? Middle school times? The really old ones who knew you when youo were merely a snot nosed kids who probably had braces and looked not too good.

I have ... I've actully been able to keep in touch with all of them and we've recently met up in Mall of Asia and it was such a blast. Conversations started with "20 years ago ..." and then we'd laugh since we realized that we were just 6 or 7 when we first met. We felt a tad bit old too.

I just love meeting old friends. They were there when I was just a kid and now that I have a kid of my own, they're still there for me. I hope my own tornado will have friendships that would last as well.

What's your story? Grab a cup of cofee, sit down, and tell me.

*** I'd also like to offer prayers to the famly and friends of anyone who has lost someone in the Virginia Tech massacre. We here in the Philippines mourn with you.

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