Monday, April 16, 2007

ice cream quirk

I've always loved ice cream and have been on the look out for the perfect ice cream holder. Finally, I found it via Avon. Yes, Avon, the one that sells cosmetics and the like. Whopee for Avon. Now, I get to enjoy my ice cream more because of this fantastic ice cream holder.

Won't you have some ice cream with me? What's your favorite? I'm serving banana split flavor today ... grab a spoon and eat with me.

Vader's Mom said...
That's very very cute!!
Blogger Daddy Forever said...
We have something like that. I'm not sure where my wife got them...maybe Avon too. My fav is peanut butter reeses ice cream. Yummy!
Blogger Heart of Rachel said...
Oh, so cute! I'm sure Yohan would love to have his ice-cream served in one of those.

It's so hot today that ice-cream is such a great idea.
Blogger Michelle said...
What a nifty creation! So cute. It makes eating ice cream even more enjoyable. :)
Blogger Daddy D said...
now i just want a banana split!!!!!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
Blogger Sonya said...
Oh I love the ice cream holders! Leave it to Avon to have these cuties! They usually have some neat little stuff! I'd love to join you for ice cream if I can use the green bowl! LOL!

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