Sunday, April 29, 2007

sweating the small stuff

all the small stuff in my life .. until I remembered that I had a book called Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love .... then I saw the book Don't Sweat the Small Stuff ... and I remembered ... it really is all small stuff.

I know most of you can relate to me when I say that we all live our life as if it were one big emergency. And we shouldn't be living like that ... life is not one huge emergency. It should be lived one day at a time whilst preparing for the future. We shouldn't all be rushing to get to our next apointment while forgetting that it was our kid's first something.

I do stop to smell the roses from time to time but I too am guilty of waking up at night because I remembered that I had an "important" thing at work that I forgot to do. Seriously, work will not stop simply because I'm not there.

So from this day forward, I will no longer ...

stress about my endless task ...
- I will take it one at a time and finsih what I can
- stress about that tiny dustmite at home ... its a sign that I'm too busy with other worthwhile things (hmm, as long as its gone by the next day... hehe)
- stress why my ballpens are not in order ... a simple clutter is nice
- why there are some people out there meant to ruin your day ... they can only ruin mine if I let them
- stress about every lil thing ... they're really not worth my time

What small stuff gets your irked?

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