Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the talents of a Pinoy


Had a ym conversation with a friend and it just made me laugh till my tummy started hurting. He's Fil-Am who spent most of his life in the Us, ergo, he's more American than Pinoy. I asked him to tell me something intersting and here's what transpired.

friend: I'm always fascinated by the filipino ability to shove as many people as possible into one car

me: that's a talent!

friend: its like this country is full of clowns

me: no, we're just very flexible people ... we're survivors ...

friend: yes

friend: survivors that can fit 50 people into a 5 person car

me: yes siree!!! see, we can save our entire clan because we can do that ...

friend: If the titanic boat crew were manned by a filipino, all of them would have survived...on
one life raft

me: oo naman! (but of course!)

friend: then the would have taken the other 10 boats as pasalubong to bring to new york

me: mabuhay kaming mga pinoy! (Mabuhay all Filipinos!)

friend: this i'm gonna post in my blog!

me: this is too funny not too share!

friend: heh

So, any of you have anything interesting to share?

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