Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Sunday Afternoon with Mommy Lou

Yo! Whassup homie?

The picture above just makes me think of gangsters. Of course I don't want my baby growing up as a gangster but he does look sinister in here. We were on our way to MommyLou's house when I took this shot. I was really aiming for cute but it turned out like this. I'm not complaining though.

Here are some more pictures from his misadventures in Mommy Lou's house.

B picking a fight with the beanie since he couldn't move it as much as he wanted to ...

B's being given a bath here by Mommy Lou in the sink ... he really enjoys his bath!B wearing my headband as a bonnet! So cute!

B relaxing in the beanie coz he got tired after walking for more than 5 minutes! Lazy bum!

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