Thursday, June 1, 2006

getting over the guilt spending

Obviously, I got over my guilt. Spoke to hubby and he said that I can get some money and buy myself some new clothes since I lost a bit of weight and my clothes are a lil bit loose, therefore, making me look frumpy. And frumpy is not a look that goes well with me.

It's kind of funny, the rush that I get from trying on new clothes and shopping with friends. With my husband, it's always rushed. It's always "have you found one yet?" "are you gonna buy that?" "are you done yet?" How will I enjoy shopping?

But with friends, it's more of "let's go check this store ..." "this would be nicer ..." or "it doesn't look good ony ou, let's find something else." I'm such a girly girl. I can't believe I wrote that. If my friends from middle school would see this, their jaws would just drop. I used to be such a tomboy.

Funny how we change from what we were when we were kids to the present times ...

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