Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sick B

Sick Baby ...

Right now, I look mad and composed. Deep inside, I'm shattered. My baby is sick and I don't know how to make things right for him. I want to cuddle him and take away his pain but I am unable to. I feel so helpless. I hate it.

He was perfectly fine yesterday. Today, he's been throwing up non-stop. Anything he takes in, comes out. Save for Hydrite. I've brought him to two doctors already and they couldn't find anything wrong. One doctor wanted to have him admitted for further observation. Stupid woman! She obviously doesn't know what was wrong.

So I brought him to another one. This one said to let him drink Motillium. And that he was okay since he wasn't running a fever and was not dehydrated at all.

That was around 6pm. It's almost 11pm now and he has a slight fever. I don't know what to do. I wanna curse everyone in this world. I feel that life is so unfair. Do I not pray everynight that HE please bless lil tornado with good health? That I do not ask for anything grandiose except that my baby be healthy and normal.

I'm sorry, I know that I should not pick a fight with God but I am just so worried. I feel like crying but I can't since everyone keeps telling me to be strong. And I pretend to be. But I'm not strong. I never was.

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