Sunday, June 4, 2006

I get what I want ...

To make up for my being Ms. Nice Girl the other day, I bitched at McDonald's yesterday ...

I brought a Happy Meal because they were featuring CARS and I liked how it looked. Before buying though, I asked if they had everything since there were 8 models being shown. Clerk said yes. So it was much to my dismay that she informed me that the one I wanted was out of stock. This got me upset. Really upset. Think eyebrow raised, dagger eyed looks, and a really really huge pout on my pretty lips. This was not right. This was not justified. I asked earlier and one way or another, I will get my toy.

So I demanded, yes, demanded that they give me the one on display. They refused. I coerced them.

Guess who won?

Me of course. It feels good to bitch again. LoL!

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