Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Dentist Day Out

We went to SM Manila last Monday to give support to Shobe coz she was visiting the dentist for her front teeth to be removed. Here's a picture taken before she went to the dentist. We look like twins no?

This is Shobe while having the first round of check up. Dr. Shane Martinez of Our Kid's Dental Clinic was the one who attended to my sister. I didn't like him at all. He was harsh and cruel in my opinion. I mean, come on! She's 6 years old. You don't tell a 6 year old girl to "cooperate" and just press her butt if it HURTS! You don't tell a 6 year old that you will lock her up in the clinic and have her family go if she doesn't behave (by behave, be fear free.) the sheer stupidity of his tactics amazes me. No wonder there was a screaming boy when we first went in. We thought that maybe the kid was just dead scared of dentists in general but apparently, we were wrong. It took 6 of us to hold down Shobe just so her tooth can be extracted!!! Stupid dentist.
This is all of us, eating at McDonalds after the harrowing ordeal that Shobe went through. We bought her ice cream to compensate though I worry for the trauma she went through. I hope she will get over it.

Love you guys!

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