muninmuni # 61

This whole week has been an awakening of some sort for me. I realized that I need to sort things out and get my perspective about things back on track. This is with my whole life, not just a segment of it.

I almost let go of my Starbucks group because of some petty things but meeting with them yesterday, I realized that they are a family to me already. They cheer me up and they cheer me on and I am thankful for their existence.

Another awakening is that I have been integrating someone in my life in such a way that I am affected by the things this person say or do when I'm not sure if this person is affected by me too. It's been a constant struggle and I need to let go. It won't be easy but I need to  do it step by step, one step at a tome.

I need to remember me.

As for work, I'm ready to look at greener pastures and see where my potential will be used best. It's not where I am and I am not getting the support that I need.

The whole week, its been about work and realization. I am stronger than this and those who are trying to pull me down, you can all go to hell where you belong. I am much better than you so deal with it.

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