maybe ... this is all we have ....

a smile ...
a kiss ...
a hug ...
a touch ...
a laugh ...

a text that says mwah
a memory that reminds
a chat box that says hey

These are the things that remind me of you ... no pictures, no tangible things that I can hold on to. Memories ... mere memories that make me smile like a fool ... that I question from time to time.

Is this real?
Am I creating it all in my head?
Will this  last?
Will it lead to something good?
Will it just die a natural death?

You say I ask too many questions. I know I do. They just pop into my head ... and they give birth to so many other questions. You think I ask too many questions but I have not asked you even half of what is on my mind. I refuse to. I know that I have no right to ask them.

Are you real?
Are you lying?
Am I wrong to believe?
Am I right to doubt?

Moments ... this is all we have ... memories ... this is all that I have. Maybe this is all that we will have ... maybe, just maybe, it will lead to something more ...

* random thoughts while listening to Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

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  1. Thoughts and emotion of the soul.
    Funny it seems but the writer understands its meaning.

    I love poetry for short. keep up. :-)

  2. thanks. I will ... I hope to write more ...