Thursday, April 21, 2022

Staycation at F1 Hotel

Sometimes, you just need to get out of your home and stay somewhere nicer. Don't you agree? 

I think we all get that feeling of sometimes just wanting to be out of the house but not really travel far or prepare for an extensive trip that would require booking a flight, reservations, and an itinerary.  Sometimes, all you need is a staycation and this is exactly what we did last Easter. 

We booked a staycation at the F1 Hotel which is located at the heart of BGC, Taguig.

The first thing I really love about F1 is their outdoor dining. As you can see, it just gives you that Manhattan vibe and you can easily imagine yourself sipping some cold drink while looking at the skyline. 

It was my baby's first time to have a staycation and it was something that my eldest missed because he and I used to do a lot of staycation so this was definitely a welcome respite from all the deadlines of school and work. 

I loved that the room we booked had a king sized bed because we co-sleep with our baby. The living room area was also big enough to accommodate an extra bed without leaving it feeling cramped. Overall, definitely bang for buck for the room rate. 

The kids went swimming and since we went at a dead hour, they had the pool all to themselves which I really loved! 

Khali was able to go around and learned to float. B didn't feel conscious as well because there were no other people.

Khali also had fun during his first Easter Egg hunt. I'm go glad that F1 took little kids into consideration when they did the Easter Egg hunt so they also had a chance to win things.  

Seeing Khali happy made me so happy as well. 

We also enjoyed the food served during the Easter event and breakfast. Now because the room was so cozy and far more spacious than we anticipated, we ended up eating in our hotel room instead of dining out. 

We had a restful sleep and I actually ended up oversleeping. The beds were that comfortable and the aircon wasn't too hot or too cold. 

Overall, I have absolutely no regrets that our first staycation since the pandemic happened at F1 Hotel. Our family enjoyed our stay and that's all that matters. 

If you would like to book a room, you can message them here

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