Saturday, April 2, 2022

Enjoy Nestle's Summer Pantry Essentials this Shopee 4.4 Sale with up to 20% OFF

One of the staples in our home are coffee, creamer, milk, and things to help us be healthier. This means that on a monthly basis, we replenish these which is why I was so happy to find out that Nestle will be having a sale during the Shopee 4.4 sale and will be giving out discounts of up to 20%! 

This summer, we need to constantly stay hydrated and on top of water, I wanna make sure that my family drinks enough to stay energized, healthy, and ready to slay the day. Sharing with you some of the items I will be buying multiples of because we use it like crazy in our household. 

NESCAFE Gold Intense Instant Coffee:  I love the stronger taste and richer aroma of NESCAFÉ GOLD INTENSE coz it's expertly crafted with a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans roasted to golden perfection to create a coffee experience like no other. I also love that it comes with a free glass. Haha. 

BEAR BRAND Fortified Powdered Milk: My husband loves this so I make sure that I prepare this for him before he goes off to work. Since he has a really early shift, at the very least, I want to make sure he has warm milk in his tummy before he starts his day. 

This is also the only powdered milk that has 100% Vitamin C, Iron and Zinc as well as 100% Vit D, Protein and Calcium. 

MILO Powdered Choco Malt Milk Drink: Powdered chocolate malt milk drink made with the natural goodness of MILK, MALT, and COCOA Contains ACTIV-GO® - a special blend of PROTOMALT®, VITAMINS, and MINERALS that gives my kid the nutritious energy he needs for a busy day. MILO is high in Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, C, and is a source of Iron for energy release. It's also great served iced in the morning and hot at night. 

NESTEA Cleanse Lemon Cucumber Powdered Green Tea: Refresh with a delicious blend of all-natural green tea, lemon, and cucumber extracts with NEW NESTEA CLEANSE!  It's high in fiber which aids in digestion and has no added table sugar.  Hoping to start my wellness journey with NESTEA CLEANSE! 

Grab your Nestle Summer Pantry Essentials up to 20% off on 4.4 ShopeePay Sale!  

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