Sunday, March 20, 2022

UniLove Baby Wipes Summer Edition is Available on Shopee

Ever since Khali had a bout with gastroenteritis, I have become more obsessed with keeping him clean and fresh at all times. This is why when I learned that UniLove Baby Wipes is available on Shopee, I made sure that I got my hands on it.  

I use the UniLove wipes on almost everything because from keeping skin fresh and clean to eliminate germs and bacteria, Uni-Care's Uni-love Summer Special ensures my son's well-being, all the time! This is really important to me because I was so traumatized when he got sick due to a bug in his stomach which he most likely got from eating something dirty. 

I also like that it's suitable for hands, face, and body, and for the nappy area, UniLove Baby Wipes Summer Edition (Boy) is natural, mild, provides effective cleansing for your baby's delicate skin, and also helps prevents rashes.

These days, it's really important that we surround ourselves with things that can keep our babies safe. Download the Shopee app if you haven't and make sure to take advantage of the discounts that will be given this March 24 on Shopee's Brand Spotlight!  

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