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5 Plants You Can Grow in Hanging Planters

In most gardens, plants are usually planted on the ground as the soil provides nutrients, shelter, and protection. Putting your favorite greens in pots or plant beds is also the most efficient way to raise healthy plants both indoors and outdoors.

While the conventional way of keeping plants is in pots, you don’t have to keep them on the ground always. That said, hanging your greeneries is a creative and space-saving way to display them indoors or outdoors. And if you’re still undecided on which of your plants to hang on the balcony of your house for rent in Biñan Laguna, here are five plants you should consider putting in hanging planters:


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Succulents are perhaps the favorite of many plant parents are they are easy to maintain and quite hardy. They also come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, making them perfect accents for windowsills, coffee tables, and dining tables of a house for rent in Manila worth 5k.

Hang your succulent plants close to an indirect source of light, such as a window or on a shady spot by your porch. Doing so will give them ample light and air without exposing them to harsh weather conditions.


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Yes, you can actually grow strawberries without keeping them planted in a bush bed! Strawberries are related to the rose, which means it is possible to grow them as hanging plants. And while they are summer fruits, hanging strawberries will thrive better in colder areas, such as the gardens of houses for rent in Manila worth 5k.

If you plan on growing several strawberries, hang them in a line on a sunny spot in your garden. That way, you’ll have a hanging berry bush with happy and healthy strawberry fruits.


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Also called Devil’s Ivy, pothos is a popular creeper plant for beginner and expert plantitos and plantitas. They require low light and can thrive with little to zero maintenance. Pothos also grow quite fast, so creating a hanging vine aesthetic in your home won’t be a challenge. You’ll also have lovely hanging plants that purify your air from dust, allergens, and harmful compounds.

Pothos plants may be low-light greens, but that doesn’t mean they can thrive without sunlight. Place them in a partially sunny area in your home. Trim a few leaves and stems when they grow too long to maintain the shape of your pothos plants.

Creeping Thyme

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Thyme is a perennial Mediterranean herb perfect for seasoning food and decorating indoors. If you’re after a creeping vine aesthetic for your kitchen, choose a creeping or prostrate thyme plant for your hanging basket. They’ll cascade like waterfalls and provide an apothecary-like setting in your kitchen area.

Creeping thyme plants require full sun to grow fully, so it is best to hang them close to your window to promote healthy and happy herbs. Thyme can also be planted any time of the year, so you’ll have a supply for your soups and salads all year round.

Boston Fern

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Ferns are another popular plant that requires low maintenance and lots of sunlight, perfect for a house for rent in Biñan Laguna! They’re also known to purify indoor air and repel some bugs. Hanging these in your home may promote a clean and safer environment for you and your kids. 

While Boston ferns are low maintenance and love sunny areas, it is vital to keep their soil moist for optimal growth. Instead of spritzing or sprinkling, place your potted fern in a dish of water. Hang them back when the plant has absorbed all of the water. Repeat this step whenever your ferns’ soil is dry to the touch.

Hanging plants is a creative way to decorate the corners and walls of your home. You’ll also save floor space while raising beautiful plants for your indoor garden. Select from these five plants to put in your hanging planters. 

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