Saturday, March 12, 2022

Gratitude # 21

This week was a nightmare and yet, I am truly grateful.

Last weekend started with Khali being sick. He threw up for 12 hours straight and did not eat anything so Sunday, we were at his pedia trying to find out what was happening to him. Thankfully, because he was very healthy, he was able to survive his bout with gastroenteritis unscathed. Apparently, he ate something that had some bacteria on it and his body was rejecting it. 

Monday came and M was off to what would turn out to be a week-long assignment because the media team of a presidentiable made mistakes in the booking. Sheesh. 

It was challenging being the only one to take care of Khali at night. He pooped like there was no tomorrow and it was watery. Multiple times too. Imagine having to clean that up while making sure that baby does not wake up while also making sure that the poop does not spillover. Nightmare! 

This went on for 3 days. On the 3rd day, I made the mistake of drinking ice-cold Coke on an empty stomach. I was instantly reminded of my age. I suffered severe acid reflux. 

When I tell you that I was reminded of my age, I am telling you that I first suffered from headaches. Then it was vomiting. After, it was severe back pain. I couldn't eat. I would vomit and be almost lifeless but when nighttime comes, I had to have energy because Khali needed me. 

All I wanted to do was crawl somewhere, lay down, cry, and die. 

However, that was not an option. 

I had to get better. Thankfully, I dragged myself to meet a friend and she had medicine with her for this ailment. This is how I know God works in mysterious ways. My friend needed me and so even though I felt like the dead and most likely looked like one, I went to meet her. Lo and behold, she had medicine. 

Finally, I got better and I was still able to do some side jobs. Now, M is back and I couldn't be happier. 

Everything is right in the world again. f

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