Wednesday, March 2, 2022

First Family Vacation in Two Years

It sounds crazy right but it has been 2 years since my family and I have been on vacation and I know that a lot of families are able to relate to this. It also happens to be the first time for my youngest son to actually go out of town, be on the beach, and experience sand and saltwater. 

This was a gift from my twin brothers and what a wonderful gift it was! The experience that we had on this family trip was just amazing. Though I am not a fan of the ocean, I found that I enjoyed it because my husband was there, my sons were enjoying it, and everyone else around us was just having fun. 

The beach of Pico de Loro also had fine sand and I didn't get wounded at all. Normally, beach sand always ends up cutting me so this was a good change of environment.

It was Khali's first time on the beach and he loved it. He was thriving in the water and he was paddling. It was so fulfilling to see how much he enjoyed the water. 

As for B, he's more like me and not really a fan of the ocean but he also had a great time and even went swimming twice. I'm so proud of him haha. 

Even though I love collecting things as mementos, I also appreciate the moments that I get to share with my family nowadays. I think before I was more into the material collection of things because I had to constantly be on the move to make money but now, I can slow down a little bit and immerse myself in the moments. 

I am grateful for this. 

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