Sunday, April 4, 2021

One Week Break

For the last 10 days, I did not do anything for my day job. I took a break, an actual, real break and as far as I know, the world did not end. 

As much as I am truly grateful to have a day job, I know that a break is something that I truly need especially with so many things happening lately. Deaths left and right and people getting sick, it's really hard to not feel anxious. 

I've been feeling burnt out lately which is understandable because I haven't taken a real break in years. I think the last time that I truly took a break and I mean, absolutely no work was back when I was pregnant with B. That was 15 years ago. 

So I took one last week and did nothing but the following. 

1. I finished this diamond painting. 

2. I did a few shoots for some brand collabs. 

3. I spent time with family. 

and I slept ... A LOT!

I was also able to do some digital declutter and even ordered 3 photobooks, something that I have been meaning to do since 2013. Finally right? 

It can be quite daunting to take a week-long break because we've been hard-wired to just keep working but sometimes, a week-long break is just what we need. 



  1. Since 2013, you have been pondering on ordering the photobooks, hence, indeed, good that you do the e-decluttering. Yes, I sleep a lot too

  2. It's difficult to find time and totally take a break from one's hectic life. I don't know that I have taken a week in years. Maybe a day or two here and there. Good on you for taking time for yourself.

  3. Breaks like this are very much needed. I am also not great at taking time off but when I do it recharges me so much.

  4. Sometimes a break is just necessary, good for you!

  5. Everybody needs a break once in a while - I love doing product shots too :)

  6. Having time off is always nice. Actually taking the time off to do things we WANT to do and rest is so refreshing.

  7. Good for you! I need to learn to take more down time too!


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