Sunday, February 7, 2021

Welcome the Year of the Ox with Yee Sang Prosperity

The Year of the Ox is slowly creeping in and as with anything, we all hope that this year will be the year to end the misfortune associated with the year 2020. To help usher in more luck, celebrate the Chinese New Year with Yee Sang. 

Yee Sang, also called Yu Sheng, is a dish served during Chinese New Year. This dish symbolizes good fortune, good luck, wealth, abundance, health, and all things auspicious! 

The Yee Sang comprises a refreshing mix of veggies, crisps, peanuts, sesame seeds & our premium cut salmon. Enjoy this with our homemade signature plum sauce for that added ooomph!!! Toss as high as you can, say your wishes out loud & enjoy!

Just make sure that the salmon you order is very fresh because it is the most important of Yee Sang. This is why I only order from Salmon HQ. They are tried and tested over and over again when it comes to freshness. Their salmon is always top of the line and melts in your mouth kind of freshness. 

For anything that has salmon on it, no one can top Salmon HQ so make sure you reserve your slot now for the Chinese New Year. 

PS. You can also order their salmon cake that currently comes in the shape of a heart. It's so kawaii!



  1. The Yee Sang dish looks delicious! I love salmon and this all looks so fresh and appetising.

  2. We love salmon and sa dami ng review I'm reading about Salmon HQ, I think mapapa-order na ako.

  3. This looks sooooo good!!! Happy New Year...

  4. I did not know of this festival, but after reading about it, it interested me.Plus I love salmon!

  5. That looks so delicious and fresh!

  6. the dish looks absolutely amazing. I could definitely use some fortune, good luck, wealth, abundance, health, and all things auspicious

  7. I love Salmon, but never had salmon cake before! I miss Chinese New Year celebrations here in London ��

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