Monday, February 22, 2021

Bio-Science launches Bio-Gold with 55% OFF

Ever wanted to know what it would feel like to wash your face and do a skincare routine with 24k gold? Wonder no more and get the latest line from Bio-Science Bio-Gold.

Start off with the Bio-Gold Facial Wash to cleanse your skin of any impurities. Bio-Science Bio-Gold radiance cleanser face wash 100 gm- age-defy anti-aging face wash is infused with natural ingredient 24K Gold for radiant and glowing skin and gives protection against wrinkles and fine lines. 

It removes daily impurities and unclogs pores of stubborn residue. It instantly refreshes and hydrates skin with no tight feeling after wash which can be irritating at times. Bio-Science Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser Face Wash gives your skin gentle cleansing and improves skin elasticity and radiance.

Bio-Science Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water 100ml- Age Defy Anti-Aging Toner + Serum Infused With Natural Ingredient 24K Gold And Japanese Rose Extract Ejitsu For Intensive Moisturizing and Nourishment Benefit & Preventing Skin Against Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Bio-Science Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water infused with Japanese rose extract, Ejitsu, which gives maximum hydration and smoothens skin texture. 24K Gold provides anti-oxidant protection to the skin against free radicals thereby delaying the first signs of fine lines/wrinkles and hence aging.

Bio-Science Bio-Gold Night Cream 40g- Age-Defy Anti-Aging Moisturizing Night Cream Infused with Natural Ingredient 24K Gold for Rejuvenated, Revitalized and Refreshed Skin and Gives Protection Against Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The new Bio-Gold 24K Gold Night Cream helps to recharge skin with much-needed nutrients after a long day, renewing and restoring radiance to the skin. After a thorough cleansing of makeup and toning, apply at night on the face and neck. Massage gently in circular motions until the cream is fully absorbed.

Why use 24k Gold?

24 K Gold Serum helps in keeping the skin firm and brightens it. It reduces flakiness and early signs of aging creating smooth, soft, and supple skin. It boosts the production of collagen in the skin and enhances skin elasticity.

Make sure to download the Shopee App from Google Play or Play Store so you can make your very own purchase of this newest skincare line from Bio-Science.

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