Thursday, February 11, 2021

Khali turned ONE

My youngest child turned one yesterday. This marks the end of his being a baby and now, he steps into the world of toddlerhood. I feel like I am not ready which is silly really. 

He used to want to be lulled to sleep. I would hate the nights where he would want me to dance and sway and hold him in my arms till he falls asleep. Now, I do that and he squirms like a worm wrapped in salt. He just wants to lie down, toss and turn, then fall asleep. 

I miss holding him in my arms and lulling him to sleep. Weird right? 

Yesterday, he turned one and we had a small celebration. We were lucky enough to book an entire restaurant to hold our big families.  

We had a Coco Melon themed party because he loves Coco Melon. 

Weird enough, it was quite hard to look for Coco Melon party stuff. I thought that there would be more because kids love it and would definitely have this theme for their birthday parties but it wasn't the case. Thankfully, we found a few from different stores (we scoured 9!) and so we managed to have a few decent Coco Melon items. 

I was happy that my family was there save for my two siblings who are in Singapore and Cebu. We had fun the whole afternoon and the food was overflowing. My best friend from high school also surprised me. 

It was a day full of love, fun, laughter, and no drama which is how I wanted things to be. The only surprise of the day was when Khali decided to throw his party hat at the cake soon as we finished singing Happy Birthday!

As always, the food at BIWON was superb. Their belly platter is simply one of the best that you can ever have in a Korean restaurant. 

I am also very grateful to the staff because they helped in decorating the place. Till the next one, this is my son Khali, saying goodbye to being a newborn and welcoming being a toddler with a bang!

I love you anak. 


  1. I remember your stories from last year. And here he is, one year old already!

  2. Wow, he's so cute. And I love the party's theme.

  3. congratulations on your little mans first birthday. He is so cute - Denise

  4. He is so cute and yes, time flies so fast these days. Those years are most precious so enjoy it!

  5. He is gorgeous!!! Bless Him! Happy birthday Khali...

  6. He is so lovely. Happy birthday Khali! Lots of love...

  7. Happy Birthday Khali. Wishing the most adorable child I know a very happy birthday. May you always have a wide smile on your face

  8. Aww that is the cutest. God bless! And lots of love!


  9. Happy 1st Birthday Khali! So happy to be part of your celebration. Here's to more celebrations with you Bebe namin! ;)


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