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8 Ways to Calm Your Mind

These days, it seems the most coveted thing on Earth. Peace of mind. 

With all the the anxiety we feel from what's going on in the world and the effect of it on our income earning potential, it's very easy to get lost in a rabbit hole of misery, worry, and crazy. 

So, how do you have peace of mind? 

1. Declutter

You need to let go of things that are just gathering dust. You know what I am talking about, the ones that have just been there just because. Let go so that you can make space for better things to come along. 

2. Clean up your Facebook friends list. 

If you can't unfriend certain people, UNFOLLOW them. For those who you need to really get rid of, BLOCK them so that they never, ever appear in your feed. You shouldn't have to force yourself to be friends with someone that you don't want to be friends with. 

3. Watch a funny movie. 

Sometimes, you just need to find a way to make yourself laugh when there is nothing to laugh about. Find a funny movie or re-watch something that made you laugh before. Laughing is very good for the soul. 

4. Empty out your online shopping cart. 

Sometimes, we add too many things on our online shopping cart knowing fully well that we won't buy any of it. This can trigger a depression because you will end up feeling inadequate because you can't buy everything you added. 

5. Attend an online concert. 

Now that you can't go out, look up the online concerts of your favorite singer or band and watch it at the comfort of your home. This will help to relax your mind and make you feel happy. 

6. Write it down. 

Write down all your thoughts at the end of the day. This helps to release your mind from everything that boggles your mind. When you write things down, you can easily segregate what doesn't matter and what truly matters. 

7. Spend time with a furry pet. 

I have a cat whom I cuddle frequently and the purr she makes is very soothing. It eases my mind till I fall asleep. Cats or dogs are known to help people feel better. 

8. Enforce a work life balance. 

Clock in 5-10 minutes before work and leave work 5-10 minutes after your time. Once you are off work, make sure you stay off the grid until you need to log back in the next day. Learning to have a separation between work and life helps you to compartmentalize. 

I hope that one of these helps to calm your mind and put you at ease. 


  1. Great and effective tips,and they are all attainable except for number 4. ��

    1. Hahahaha I laughed out loud when I read back and saw what number 4 was.

  2. These are some amazing ways to calm mind. Usually I prefer to write down all the thoughts and yes watching comedy movies is really helpful when there is nothing to laugh about.

    1. It's the same when you need to cry and don't want to so you watch a really sad movie then cry your guts out then you blame the movie.

  3. I definitely need to practice this right now, my mind has been RACING lately.

    1. I think we all do. It's hard to calm the mind these days.

  4. Awesome I need this. Mental peace and staying calm are so much needed these days. I tend to lose temper sometimes. I will follow your tips.

    1. It's the same with me. I woke up today and snapped at everyone, not realizing that it was because I lacked sleep, was hungry, and felt agitated. Then I remembered my own list and felt better.

  5. Such great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  6. My type of mental peace is certainly spending more time with my dog. It is so relaxing to see them playing and enjoying life. Regards, Soda White Cresent

  7. Watching something funny always helps me calm my mind. I also am a big fan of taking a nap too when I feel overwhelmed.

  8. Decluttering is so important! It's like an instant sense of energy flow.


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