Friday, October 9, 2020

5 Christmas Gifts Php500 and Below

Christmas is near and so it's time to come up with gift ideas. The first one that I want to do are useful and necessary items that you can give to your loved one Php500 and below. 

1.  Water Wipes 

The gift of gentleness. 

I know that it sound a bit weird to give someone wet wipes but these days, we need all the help we can get in ensuring that we remain virus free. Water Wipes is the best gift to someone who is constantly out. They can use this to wipe their surroundings, wipe their hands with, or wipe something that has been handed to them by someone just to be sure. 

One pack of 60 retails for P249 so you can give 2 packs to your family or friends and it'd less than Php500. 

2. Juan Life Personal Accident Insurance 

The gift of security. 

For only Php500, you are covered for a year in case you have an accident. With life being so unstable these days, you need to make sure that should an accident happen, you or your love one is protected. For just Php500 a year, you can be covered for up to Php250,000.

You can give this as a gift to someone else. It's so easy coz you just need to go online and register them. 

3. Fet Boys Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie Christmas Box 

The gift of good food. 

For only Php500, you can gift someone with the best chocolate chip cookie that they will ever have. Even if you are working abroad, as long as your family is within Metro Manila, Fet Boys can arrange for delivery so that you can send them love in the form of a cookie. 

Not too sweet, definitely chunky, and brimming with nuts and chocolate, this is the perfect gift to anyone this Christmas.

The gift of health. 

A Happier Life is all about living healthy, eating healthy, and staying healthy. These days, isn't that the best gift that you can give someone? With so many choices to choose from, most of which are under Php500, you will definitely find something for everyone in your life. 

5. Diwatang Maria Soaps

The gift of cleanliness.

Since we're all required to wash our hands all the time, why not gift someone with a soap that is not only good for the hands but also the body. Diwatang Maria doesn't just wash off the bacteria, it will also leave you feeling refreshed. It is organic so that's also another plus. 

I hope that this helps you with your gift giving ideas for the Christmas Season. All these items are Php500 or less and all of them are good for anyone you may want to give a gift to. 


  1. We have other 2 months till Christmas but it's better to do things in time and with a logic so I appreciate your post, helpful. Thanks for sharing. - Paolo

  2. Kuntala BhattacharyaOctober 12, 2020 at 3:29 AM

    The cookies and the therapy lotion are my preferences. Good ideas for gifts. For us in India the festive season starts from this month, so we are super excited for gifts.

  3. I love these ideas! They are all great!!!

  4. These are great ideas, those cookies look delish!

  5. Those wipes are handy - I have a package of that type in my car since we are in Corona danger :)

  6. These ideas of christmas gifts sounds so amazing and interesting and these are quite unique and different one though..glad you shared this with us..

  7. I love the idea chocolate chips cookies. Kid will love it

  8. The gift ideas are good, especially cookies one!

  9. Those products sound great! I'm interested in the therapy lotion and those cookies - OMG! I wonder how much money this translates in US dollars?

  10. Wow! These are some great gift ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this helpful gift guide 😊

    Everything Enchanting

  11. Good ideas, caring for loved ones and friends are very important.

  12. I love how simple and open ended these are! Definitely gave me ideas instead of making me feel like I need to purchase x and x :)


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