Sunday, October 25, 2020

Teaser for the Starbucks 2021 Planner

Today, Starbucks PH finally posted a teaser on what could possibly be the 2021 Starbucks Planner and Travel Journal. 

Based on the post shared on the official Starbucks PH page, there will be 4 colors and designs. Green, yellow, rose gold, and black. 

My personal fave is the rose gold one and then the green siren. Which one is yours? 

I actually made a video coz I was so excited to share my thoughts on this. Hope you can go and give it a watch. Lemme know if you agree! #StarbucksPH #2021StarbucksPHPlanner #StarbucksPlanner #2021Starbucks.


  1. Oh wow, I totally forgot this one for this year. Time flies so fast.

  2. The planner by Starbucks looks really stylish and cool. Hope to own one but I need to check its availability in India

  3. I am all about rose gold so I would be all over that. Very pretty!

  4. Oh wow - I had no idea that Starbucks was planning on releasing a planner. How neat!

  5. Oh wow! I am loving that green planner, can't wait to see the full range 😍

    Thanks for haring,
    Everything Enchanting

  6. Looks nice. I don't know how we'll be able to collect now because of the pandemic.

  7. Omg I didn't even know they had planners, thanks for sharing.

  8. So cute! I didn’t even know they sold these!


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