Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentines 2018

This Valentines, I had no expectations. I was sick and Mark had work to do. All I was thinking of was to catch up on all my articles and surviving the day. Mark and I already talked about spending Valentines some other day so I thought that there wouldn't be anything.

Weird that I was okay with it coz before I used to make such a big deal out of Valentines but I guess when you find someone who makes you feel that everyday is Valentine's, you don't make a big deal out of February 14.

However, Mark had other plans and arrived at the hotel where my Mom, sister and I were looking like this.

Doesn't he look adorable? He had 3 bouquets with him; one for me, one for my Mom, and one for my little sister. He even had dark chocolate for my little sister as well.

And though we had no dinner plans, all of a sudden, Mark had 3 women to date for Valentine's day. Yes, you read that right. We spent our first Valentine's with my Mom and sister.

What I loved most was at the end of the night, when I thanked Mark for being so understanding about having to share this Valentine's with my Mom and sister was him saying that let's spend Valentine's like this all the time so that we can be your Mom's Valentine.

If I wasn't in love with this guy already, I would have fallen in love with him right on the spot.

Overall, it was really a unique Valentine's. K was the one who gave flowers to us (this has always been my role) and Bellevue gave us an Ecuadorian long stemmed rose. 

I hope that for any of you reading, may you feel love not just on Valentine's but every single day. Happy hearts day! 

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