Saturday, February 17, 2018

AVON's pink selection

They said that only women with fair skin can rock pink but Avon begs to differ. Avon believes that there is a pink hue for every Pinay and they got that one right.
We all know that when facing life's challenges or obstacles, all we need is some pep talk from our friends, mentor, or family. However, there are times that all it takes is the right kind of pink lipstick to tell the world that you're ready to slay. As 2018 finally rolls in with the Chinese New Year, it is all about PINK.

Avon ensures that for every phase, stage, moment, or pivotal point in a Filipina's life, there is a shade of pink that will help the Pinay conquer it. After all, there is nothing more dangerous than a woman armed with the right shade of lippie. From soft blushes to energetic pinks, Avon offers more than just lipstick shades. They offer swipes of confidence, happiness, and of course, beauty.



This year's trend in color has a pink for every Pinay. If you're feeling fun and ready for a night out, Avon True Perfectly Matte in Electric Pink will get the job done. If you're ready to ask your boss for that promotion, be gorgeously bold with Avon True Color in Hot Pink. If romance is in the air for you, Avon True Perfectly Matte in Mauve Matters is a splendid choice to make your lips irresistible. Lastly, to give off a pure and innocent aura, the all new Avon True Ultracolo in Sunny Pink is an ideal choice. This coral pink shade has a satin finish and it's bright enough for a summery day at the park.


Pink is for every Pinay and Avon has covered all bases, all occasions, and all of life's milestones. No matter what chapter of your life you are about to step into, Avon will be there by your side, boosting your confidence, cheering you on, and making sure you stay beautiful all the way.

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