Saturday, February 3, 2018

Albergo Hotel in Baguio

During our 3 day stay in Baguio, we checked in at Albergo Hotel. We were lucky to stay at a unit in Albergo Hotel that you can book through Air BnB. I say lucky because we got to stay here for 3 days. The day before we got there, it was booked and the day we left, the very next day, it was booked.

It felt like it was really meant for us.

I loved how spacious the place was. It was a condotel but it felt like a home. The placement of the furnitures and the bed gave off the impression that it was a huge place.

There is also a dining table for 4 and a kitchen where you can cook simple meals.

This is the view from the couch.

They also have slippers for people to wear so that you can relax inside the condo unit.

The bathroom is pretty standard and offers hot water.

 And this is the view from the window.

On our first day, I cooked Jin Ramen and had some Korean coffee. This was made possible because on the ground floor of Albergo Hotel is a Korean store.

I really liked the place. It was complete, comfortable, clean, and really near all the tourist spots. It was also near Kamiseta, Cafe Yagam, and a lot of other coffee shops.

I'd definitely recommend this unit in Albergo Hotel. If you need to contact them, message this person.  You won't regret it.

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