Friday, February 2, 2018

Strawberry Farm in Baguio

The last time I was in Baguio was way back 2015 and it was due to 2 blogging events, one at Azalea and a food crawl then the other at Brent Residences. Prior to that, it was 2012 and it was for a wedding.

So due to a spur of the moment decision during a conversation with Mark, we decided to bring B to Baguio. You see, B has never been to Baguio and so we made a decision to spend the last 3 days of January in Baguio.

First order of the day soon as we got to Baguio was eat at Pizza Volante then head to Strawberry Farm. Pizza Volante still tasted the same as when I last had it which was back in 2012. For this I am truly happy.

Afterwards, we trooped to Strawberry Farm.

I really didn't want to pick strawberries but B wanted me to join him and so this is the end result. As you can see, I am falling off in the background coz when I and mud get together, disaster happens. Much to my chagrin, my son found this hilarious.

My son had fun picking strawberries though he was a little stressed about the fact that he was picking them for my Mom. He wanted things perfect and since he wasn't familiar about strawberries, he couldn't gauge if they were ripe or good enough to be picked already. Perhaps having an onsite science tutor who could explain things to us would have been good.

Seeing B this happy made me feel really happy. Eventhough I really am not into things like this, I was more than willing if only to see my son this happy.

I love how happy my son is in this photo. I hope that I will always have a reason to make him smile like this.

Thank you Mark for capturing these moments.

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