Friday, January 12, 2018

what I got for Christmas ...

I normally posts on my IG or Facebook the gifts that I received for Christmas but this time around, I wanted to do a more proper post to everyone who gave me stuff over the holidays. This is not to brag but to show appreciation for everything.

First off, huge THANK YOU to AVON for these bunch of goodies. Grabe, my heart was overflowing with joy because I really am an AVON lady. I love AVON products and use it all the time.

This is from the boyfriend to help me fall asleep faster at night. So far, it has been working like a charm.

This is from FULL CIRCLE and it's a banana bed or I think that's what it is called. Anyway, it is supposedly perfect for the beach so I should be able to try this out soon.

This is from KPMG. This is quite useful for handling gadgets and making sure I don't lose my cords. 

Something for the winter that will come soon from ASUS.

Thank you Makati Medical Center for this First Aid Kit and the notebook. The kit will be helpful when needed and the notebook ... who doesn't need a new notebook?

Thank you Alg for the perfume in a very cute canister. This is definitely a first for me to get perfume in this kind of container.

I honestly can't remember who this came from so please do comment if it's you. I do love the flowery umbrella but this has made it's way to my Mom since she loves everything floral.

Thanks Oliver for this super cute coffee notepad.

Thank you Taxumo for this OPPA themed gift. KYO!

This one is also from the boyfriend. It seems he was listening and remembered that I wanted one of these.

Thank you so much to Campaigns and Grey for this super cute pouch. It's big enough to hold almost all my essentials!

Thank you Tristan and Nona for this cologne. I love that it' very light and not heavy on the nose.

To PRU-LIFE, you were right. I never thought I would need this but it is cute and very useful so thank you.

To KPMG, thank you for this bottle of bubbly.

To Michelle who is a fellow cat lover, thank YOU!

To my boss, thank you!

Always a happy sight to see the words ORLY on a gift box. Thank you for making my nails pretty all the time.

iFlix, you know exactly what I needed.

And of course, my Spotify family.

Last but not the least, my Medicard family who has always been very thoughtful.

I also received this JOBY from my brother which is pretty awesome because I do it need for videos and photos.

I also got a panda coin purse from my son, some dresses from my sister, and a wallet from my Mom as well as a couple of really nice Uniqlo top from the boyfriend. It has been a really awesome Christmas and it felt nice to be remembered.

Again, thank you to all the brands and PR that sent gifts last Christmas. :)

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