Sunday, January 14, 2018

it's not the number of days ...

We met November 21, 2017 in Singapore and by December 14, 2017, we were officially together. It was 7 days shy of having officially met for a month but things just happened and it felt right. For some reason, YOU felt right to ME.

taken November 22, 2017

My friends keep referring to you as the biggests plot twist of 2017 in my life and I couldn't agree more. After all, no one saw you coming and no one definitely saw that you would become my boyfriend. I mean, hello, it was already November and I was that girl who have been single since April 2013 and who was constantly on the verge of falling but never really getting to the "in love" part.

They were used to stories that went "He's amazing BUT ...." "He's actually really great BUT ...." "He likes me BUT ..." and their favorite, "We really mesh well BUT we're just too focused on our careers now."

They were not used to "He makes things happen." "He makes time." "He just does things." and definitely not to "He met my Mom and asked for permission to court me." or "He wants to meet you all and will make time for it."

There were not BUTs. There was nothing hindering things from happening. In fact, both sides seem to want us for each other. They cheer us on and they are genuinely happy for us. People around us want us to work as much as we do.

In just a month, you have become an integral part of my life. Future plans now start with a WE and it doesn't come off as weird anymore. Yes, initially it was weird to me because for the last 4 years it has been I or ME and never US or WE.

Sometimes I still need to remind myself that you are now in my life, that you exist. When I do, I find myself smiling. Like what you said last night, one down, a lifetime to go. I can honestly say that I cannot wait to spend that lifetime with you. You make the future more interesting, funnier, brighter, and if I may be honest, once again, hopeful.

Thank you for making me smile everyday and reminding me that real love exists and it can exist for me.

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