Friday, October 6, 2017

McDonald's McSpicy Chicken

Most of the time that stuff gets delivered at home, it stresses my Mom because she tends to be OC about cleanliness and it bothers her when I have so many packages lying around waiting to be posted or photographed. Sometimes though, something gets delivered and I see a piece of it left when I come home because they already enjoyed it which makes me utterly happy.

This was the case today when McDonald's sent over not 1, not 2, not 3 but 10 ... yes TEN McDonald's McSpicy Chicken. I was out of coverage area the whole day because I was in the hospital and when I got out late in the afternoon, messages from my Mom started coming in. This was what I saw.

They were so excited to eat it that they decided to take a photo for me to post. Hahahaha. I love my family and how much of a foodie they are. This may be something small for others but one thing I really am thankful about what I do for a living are these things.

I came home and saw that they left something for me.

This was such a happy moment because I was so hungry. I loved that it was a little spicy and there was just the right amount of flavor from choice spices. The McDonald's McSpicy Chicken is not for kids though because it can burn a little bit but for people who like a small kick, this is perfect.

Thank you again McDonald's for sending these goodies over! My family is happy which makes me happy. :)

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