Sunday, July 30, 2017

on commitments and letting go

Today I had a long discussion with D about commitments and what it takes to make it in this world. I remembered that I asked him before what he can sacrifice to succeed and he said he can sacrifice everything. Now, I feel that he's tired and about to get to that breaking point and we have barely started.

He says that "me time" is very muc needed for him to fully function but I feel that a quarterly "me time" is just a little bit too much. Maybe I'm too much of a workaholic? Maybe I'm too focused? I just feel that it's a bit much.

Or is it?

How important is me time really? I feel like I get it when I have my mani pedi or when I get a massage. Heck, I feel like I even get it when I eat out by myself or watch a movie. D needs 3 days every quarter. When I think of it, 3 days is 1 day a month. I guess it's not really that bad except he needs 3 consecutive days.

Perhaps I was too harsh?

I guess I need to reassess myself and my point of view on how I work. D has a point and much as I don't want to acknowledge it because my senior ego is going to get hit, I should. He does have a point. I should probably do the same thing.

As for letting go, today I let go of 3 persons who I thought were friends but turned out to not be friends. P, J, and M ... I let you go. For whatever reasons that are still unknown to me, you decided to stop being friends and to just ignore me. For my own peace of mind, I had to block you and cut you out. After all, if we were no longer talking, then we have no business being social media friends. It's always an either or for me.

I heard that you have been talking about me still and I wish you would stop. I wish you would because really, I do not matter that much for you guys to continously talk about me. You should be focusing on your own lives and your own work. Seriously.

So today, I learned a lot about commitments, about the importance of me time, and letting go. What have you learned today?

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