my first helicopter ride

Today was a day of first. After having been up for more than 40 hours and taking a nap for 4.5 hours, I was off to Park and Fly. I got there at 5am and though I felt apprehensive, I promised myself that I will be brave and ride that chopper.

When I first saw this black baby, I was initially scared but I heard a voice in my head stating "JUST GO!" and so I did.

When I was posing for this, I kept thinking to myself: "Lord, it's all up to you now. Please help me to remain calm. Don't let me die yet." I know it's morbid but come one. It's a tiny piece of metal.

However, when we lifted off, after feeling an initial jolt, I actually started enjoying it. I did not panic nor freak out. Have I become a daredevil? As you can see here, I was even able to pose and take a lot of selfies.

The feeling of being up on air inside this small piece of metal was just awesome. Having a clear view of your surrounding was breathtaking. It was definitely epic.

We went through a haze but because the pilot we had was so good, I never once panicked. In fact, I just really enjoyed this ride and marveled at how awesome the world is.

Thank you so much Cloudfone for giving this awesome experience.

Cloudfone is Awesome

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