Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Your Summer Party Is Incomplete Without...

Ah, summer. It really wouldn’t be summer without a party or two, especially with great British weather we have been having this year! Instead of propping up the kitchen sink and worrying about the state of your cream carpet as friends get merry on red wine, you can entertain everyone outdoors instead.

The great thing about outdoor entertaining is that no matter how much mess you make, it’s easy to clear up the next day. Sure, a few plants might end up trampled or plucked from their pots, but if it all descends into madness, you can hose the patio furniture down and embark on a treasure hunt looking for stray cocktail glasses and plates.

But, before you reach the ‘morning after the night before’ clean-up stage, you need to get into party planning mode. To help you prepare for your next summer party, check out the following must-have items to make your summer party one to remember.

A Glamping Tent
OK, so the weather doesn’t always play ball. That much we know. But, instead of fretting about the possibility of rain on the day, be a happy little camper and cover all bases. Since rain tends to put a damper on summer parties (literally), erect a glamping tent for tables, chairs, and food. The best way to do this is to invest in a sturdy gazebo and drape coloured fabric over the frame to hide the boring waterproof material. Decorate your tent/gazebo with lights, flowers, and anything else that fits your party theme.

A Fruit Tree

Everyone loves to dig in to juicy melon, delicious strawberries and grapes on a hot day! It is a refreshing and light catering option.  A fruit tree is the perfect option for a large group, hire this fruit tree and yours will come as a stunning palm tree centrepiece with 400 pieces.  Mix it with a chocolate fountain if you want it to serve more people.

Decorative Garlands

Decorative garlands look fabulous. Make your own using coloured paper – I love ice-cream cone garlands – or string together flowers and balloons. Thread your garlands through the trees and around the dining area.
Solar String Lights

Solar light strings are just as pretty as paper and flower garlands, but they really come into their own at night. There are loads of fun designs to choose from, so take your pick. The good news is that solar string lights are seriously cheap, so you can buy them in bulk and transform your garden into a fairy grotto after dark.

Shabby Chic Candle Holders

Candles are not just decorative – they also help to keep pesky bugs away from you and your food. Scoffing a tasty burger and sipping a sweet glass of fruit punch is not much fun if you are being eaten alive by mosquitoes and wasps. Light a few citronella candles and place them in hand-decorated glasses. Use small, shallow glasses filled with fragrant lavender sprigs. Your table will smell delicious as well as being a bug-free zone.

Tiki Torches and Grass Table Skirts

Aloha! Give your summer party a Hawaiian theme. Light some tiki torches to guide your guests around the garden once the sun sets. Decorate the table with a grass skirt and paper flower gardens. If you want to go the extra mile, screen Magnum PI or Hawaii 5-0 in the background.

Handmade Table Runners

Table runners add a touch of homespun charm to a summer party. Make your own by weaving wool on a simple loom. It’s easier than you think. Check out some videos on YouTube for inspiration or buy a kit like this one. You never know, you might end up hooked on weaving.

Reclaimed Bottle Vases

Poke around in your recycling bin and look for glass bottles. Any bottles will do. Soak them in water to remove labels, tie a ribbon around the neck, and fill them with flowers on the day. Fresh flowers make excellent table decorations, plus they smell heavenly.


We love these summer inspired pinatas or, if you’re looking for an entertaining game on a hot, summer’s day, look no further than water Piñatas. Fill up balloons with water and jelly sweets and invite the kids to whack them with wooden sticks. What’s not to like about being drenched in water and sweets?

Flower Box Drinks Coolers

Create a rustic drinks cooler from a timber flower box. Line the box with plastic and fill it with ice, bottles, and cans. Chilled beer sure beats warm beer every day of the week.

Themed Cupcakes

Decorate cupcakes according to your chosen theme and arrange them in a cupcake tower. Get the kids on board and ask them to decorate your cupcakes with frosted icing and edible flowers.
Don’t let the weather ruin your party. As long as you have some fun guests, plenty of drink, and cool tunes, it’s bound to be memorable for all the right reasons!

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