Grateful # 8

I've been obsessing about moments in the last 3 days and so I decided to merge it here in one posts. I will write about the moments that I am grateful for so that I can be constantly reminded that life is beautiful.

1. when my son was born ... I learned what unconditional love was about ... I know that even if for any reason he stops loving me, I will continue to love him no matter what

2. falling in love ... every moment that I fell in love has been beautiful. Realizing that I have the capacity to love and love again and again no matter how much I have been hurt is something that I am proud of. It means I have so much love to give that I can still do it even when other people won't anymore.

3. time with my family ... they make me insane at times but I will never change a single one of them. Okay, maybe I'll make them dote on me more but aside from that, its all good. I love my family. I am blessed to have them.

4. time with friends .... they are the ones who comfort me when things go crazy and I can't tell my family because things are crazy. They are the ones who wipe away my tears and make sure that I am able to stand again on my own two feet.

5. romantic moments ... I don't have as many as other girls would have but I am grateful for the few that I can remember and that I experienced.

     - - - the first time I received flowers and realized it was for me. It was a pretty amazing feeling.
     - - - having someone say I love you to you and believing them, believing that it was real
     - - - the first time someone serenaded me, he sang "I Believe in Dreams" and played the guitar
     - - - the first time someone hugs you, holds your hand, and kisses you ... always a great moment
     - - - a first kiss where someone used that famous line from Romeo and Juliet about hands touching
     - - - the first time someone who is not into hugging says he wants to hug you

6. moments that broke my heart ... I know that during the time my heart was broken, it did not bode well but now I know that its just to make me a stronger person and I shouldn't let it stop me from loving again. Of course the guy has to be worth it.

7. small and ordinary moments that most people take for granted
     - - - small talks
     - - - coffee time
     - - - singing or dancing with friends

Fact is, I'm just happy to be alive and to experience all these things and more. Today, I'm grateful that I am still alive.