B's 1st Communion

Today, despite the threat of heavy rains, my son's first communion pushed through. I was there of course and the happiness on my son's face proved that I was right where I needed to be.

I've never had my first communion because I did not go to a Catholic school. However, I loved the solemnity of the service and how it teaches kids more about God and seeking forgiveness. I love that they teach that to little children but I loved how my son soaked it all up even more.

B is just so open to things. He accepts the word of the Lord and everything the adults in school teaches him like a sponge soaking it all in. It makes me marvel where he got this trusting thing from and then I realize, he got it from me. I was like that before people hurt me too much and I stopped trusting easily.

I hope he doesn't lose that the way I did.

I'm just really happy that I was there for my son's communion. I hope that I don't miss out on all the important moments in his life.