Sunday, July 8, 2007

wish we were best friends again

When did life turn so complicated? We were kids and we thought the world of each other. What changed? Why did you suddenly hate me so much? why did you have to envy me? Didn't you know that I envied your life too? Yes, you. I envied you. You had so much freedom. You were able to rely on yourself and live independently. you never had to worry that your Mom and Dad would have a silly argument and decide to separate, AGAIN.

That was then though. We're a lil bit okay now. But I worry ... you're gonna be a Mom soon and I fear you're gonna think that my son is the favorite one and yours isn't. I guess it will never be okay between us. It doesn't stop me from wishing though.

I wish ... I wish we were best friends again.

my little big sister

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