Blogapalooza: BrownBag Coffee Solutions

I was given a small bag by Brown Bag Coffee Solutions last Blogapalooza and finally, I was able to give it a try. My brother brewed the coffee and the first thing I noticed was the aroma. It was subtle and not overbearing. It hinted of coffee that wasn't too strong which I actually liked.

Here's a cup of the brewed coffee. My brother added skim milk and a bit of sugar and it was perfect. I loved the taste, the smell, and the overall experience. I felt like I was actually sitting in a coffee shop enjoying an expensive cup of coffee when I was drinking this at home.

The only sad thing was that I only had a small bag and it was consumed with 2 full brewings.

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  1. i also got a bag of coffee like this. sanay ako sa instant na may cream but when i tried it just add sugar then okay na.