Monday, July 18, 2022

What I Cooked for B's Birthday

One thing that my son told me a few months ago that made a big impact on me was having no memories of me cooking for him. When he tries to remember this, all he remembers is me making instant pancit canton. 

I was shocked and appalled at myself. I realized that I needed to learn how to cook for my eldest and also because I am now married and have a baby that will soon want memories of Mommy cooking as well. 

For B's celebration, I asked him what he wanted for the celebration and he requested that I cook. Luckily, I have been learning to cook recently and so I was able to do as he requested. 

I made steam fish since it was a celebration but I was not successful with this because I forgot to use a timer and ended up overcooking the fish. You need to remember that the most number of minutes when it comes to steaming a fish is 30 minutes max. 

This is the Pinoy version of the Korean Japchae. I actually liked how this turned out but not everyone loved it. Thankfully, my son and husband did.

This was a win for my son. He loved it. This was also my first attempt at making an onigiri and I placed a big shrimp in the middle. 

This was the big winner of the night. EVERYONE loved the gimbap that I made. Whoohoo!

I also made soy sauce chicken and though people loved it, I think this was a little bit of a fail because people thought it was teriyaki chicken. 

This one was my attempt in duplicating the teriyaki tteoppokki of Urban Seoul. It tasted good but I wasn't able to capture the whole essence of their version. 

Overall, I would like to think that I did pretty well because my son told me thank you and that he was glad that I cooked for his birthday. At the end of the day, this is all that matters. 

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