Sunday, July 17, 2022


The past two weeks have been a little bit insane. 

Honestly, if you tell me to tell you what happened, I really wouldn't be able to tell you in detail which is why I am writing down things that I remember in the hopes that I'll be able to look back and say to myself, "this is what happened."

It was a day of blessing. The family that I have not seen or spoken to in years turned up. The family that I have adopted over the years was also there. 

M cooked for us for the first time and it was a hit. Everyone loved the carbonara he made. In fact, I barely had a taste because it was gone in an instant.

We had the house blessed. 

B had cakes, a lot of it. He had a total of 4. 


Even Jollibee sent him food!

He had a surprise lunch with friends the next day that I organized. 

And I cooked for him. It was tiring and I now know that I will never, ever open a restaurant if I had to be the one to cook. Hats off to all the Moms who labor in the kitchen during holidays and on a daily basis. Standing the whole time, chopping, cooking, and praying that everything tastes well is HARD work. 

It was grueling and busy since I still had to work at night and then make things happen in the morning but it was definitely worth it to see my son extremely happy. 

Happy 17th my love. 

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