Monday, November 16, 2020

Xiaomi Mi10TPro as a Tool for the Truth

Pictures are supposed to tell a thousand words. When you use your camera to capture photos, it should tell a story. When you use your mobile phone to capture a moment, it should be something that is more fleeting than a selfie or a food shot. 

It should tell a story, one that shouldn't be easy to forget. 

Here are some photos that were taken at Kasiglahan Village in Rodriguez, Rizal using the #Mi10TPro. Look and feel the devastation, heartache, and loss these images convey. 

The Philippines is not new to the devastation caused by the typhoons that hit the country year on year but with everything that has happened, this is truly another blow. Hopefully, these images will serve as a reminder to all to be more vigilant, to vote better, to educate themselves more, to educate others more, and to never give up. 

These images may be heartbreaking but if you look closely, it also speaks of hope and this is something that the Mi10TPro was able to capture and for me, that makes the Mi10TPro a phone worthy of the times. 



  1. The pictures are awesome quality, but they are also heartbreaking!

  2. These pictures hurt my soul. These poor people, this is devastating.

  3. Nice photos but seeing these photos makes my heart aches because I knew a lot of people are suffering from losing their houses, foods, clothes and even loved ones. I am praying for all of them.

  4. The photos are dramatic. You've done an excellent job documenting life's tribulations with people and their needs and hardships.

  5. The photos came out clear and definitely conveyed the intended message. My heart hurts for all those people that experience something so awful. I hope they get all the help they need.

  6. Such beautiful photos that show the real ness of the situation. Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are great documentary images of a day in the life of this community.

  8. This is a strange article. You're using the devastation in people's lives to talk about a cell phone?

    1. What part of the post did I talk about the phone in detail? I said that I used the mobile phone to capture these images that people needed to see to know what is truly happening. I didn't harp on any features or aspect of the phone. Please READ the content next time and not just skim the title and images. Thanks.


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