Monday, March 16, 2020

Ways to Help while in Quarantine

We've talked about lessons learned, how to fight it, and what to do during this whole COVID 19 outbreak.  

Let's talk about ways we can help now while we are currently on community quarantine or lockdown.

1. Share your stash.

If you have spare face masks, gloves, alcohol, soap, or sanitizers, share it with those who don't.  This is not the time to think of profit. Be human. Act like one. Think like one.

2. Donate.

If you have the means to donate, please do so. Donate to legitimate organizations so that they can do their part in helping out hospitals and the government to combat this virus.

3. Check your info.

The worst thing that you can do is to share fake news and spread fear-mongering. People easily panic at times like this so make sure that the information you share will be relevant, authentic, validated, and not fabricated.

4. Volunteer.

For those who are already used to working from home or work on social media, volunteer to share knowledge and information. This is the best time to use Facebook LIVE, YouTube videos, or even TikTok to share tips, tricks, and hacks on how to make working from home actually work.

For social media people, this is also the best time to share your skills and show the world what you can do.


The best help that you can give to the world is not becoming infected. Unless you really need to go out, don't. Save yourself and save the world.

I hope that helps give you an idea of how you can help spread some positivity and light in this day and age of darkness and fear.


  1. Love this - staying aware and staying home1 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for these tips? I love the tip about sharing - this is not the time to hoard, it is just not healthy for one's psyche.

  3. We need all these information as we are now facing a pandemic issue about COVID19. This is not an easy battle and we need to be united and cooperative in doing the right thing. Staying at home is the very best way that we can do to help our Government in this time of crisis. Pray for everyone's safety.

  4. The most important thing during the quarantine is to be aware of the surroundings, the neighbors who may need out help. Most try to do great deeds while leaving behind what calls for attention and help by their doorstep.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more. I think in this chaotic time it is also important that instead of creating chaos and panic around us, we spread positivity, support and kindness.

  6. Social media, especially watsapp groups have been rife with misinformation and plain fake news. Hopefully the hysteria will subside and people will stop hoarding essentials and focus on taking basic hygiene and sanitisation procedures.

  7. We definitely will be donating for sure! People need things for their homes and children!

  8. We are quarantined now and it really is tough. We are lucky though that we are adequately stocked up on supplies. Another thing is just keeping in touch with people via text / call etc. It is hard to be isolated and it helps to boost others spirits.

  9. The best way to help is to stay at home if you have no business outside. Just think of the supermarket cashier and staff who report for work everyday just to serve your soda and chips as you indulge on Netflix.

  10. We all are in desperate need of these help. This time is extremely helpful. Just hope that all gets well soon.

  11. These are great things to do while in quarantine. Thank you for the suggestions. Donating is a big one.

  12. These are great tips to keep in min during this time. Hopefully the quarantine will end soon and things will get back to normal.

  13. I'm currently doing all of these things!!

  14. These tips will totally help! We are all in this together :)


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