Saturday, March 14, 2020

How to Fight CoVid 19

It's here. We can't do anything about it because it has finally hit our country. We can panic but really, what good will it do us to panic? NONE.

So, let's just come up with ways we can fight this pandemic and survive it. Hopefully, it goes away just as quickly as it came.

1. Handwashing.

This needs to be repeated over and over again. No amount of sanitizers, alcohol, wet wipes, or toilet paper can compare to the value of proper handwashing. In our family, we use Safeguard as our soap. There's just something about it that makes me feel safer when I use it. Perhaps because it is the same soap that I've been using since I was a kid.

2. Declutter.

You may ask why I suggested decluttering as a way to fight off CoVid 19. You see, when there are too many clutter, stuff, and what not lying around, it becomes a breeding ground for dirt, dust, and viruses.

A clean space will not accumulate dirt and dust, therefore, viruses have less spots to breed and live on.

3. Good Hygiene.

Handwashing is not enough. We all need to practice good hygiene as well.

Cough into your elbow, not hand. Wash after using the toilet. Clean after yourself. Throw away garbage in the bin, not just anywhere. These are things that have been taught to us when we were little so its best to remember these valuable lessons.

4. Bask in the sun.

It has been said that the virus has a shorter life span when exposed to sunlight so make sure you bask in some Vitamin D and let the sun in your home to help kill any potential virus.

5. Multivitamins.

Increase your intake of Vitamin C or get a multivitamin that's complete from A to Z. It's best to be prepared especially if you are constantly exposed to others and have a baby at home or a senior citizen. Remember that though you may be healthy, if you affect someone who has a weak immune system, you put them at risk.

You can also take in Life Enzyme to ensure that you detoxify from within. 

6. Eat your veggies and fruits.

The other day, I was at the grocery store and saw that there was barely any hotdog left but plenty of fruits and veggies. People need to remember that what we need to consume would be fruits and vegetables to stay healthy, not junk food.

7. Hydrate.

It has been stated that a dry throat can become a good breeding ground for the virus so make sure that you increase your daily intake of water. Better safe than sorry.

You can have a water purifier installed at home to ensure you always have clean water. 

8. Rest and relax.

The easiest way to succumb to an illness is to not get enough rest and to be stressed. If we make it a point to sleep at least 6 hours a day and then relax our mind and body, happy hormones will be released and it'll be harder to become infected. This is backed up by science.

You can also diffuse essential oils to cleanse your surroundings and to truly relax your senses. 

Most of all, do not spread FAKE NEWS or unverified news. Fear-mongering will kill more people than the virus possibly can so be responsible and share only what is true. Stay safe everyone.


  1. Amazing information and so needed right now! YES eat your veggies :)

  2. Oh is it ever a challenge to navigate this pandemic! Wonderful tips, I quite like the notion of taking care of your body by eating well and decluttering!

  3. I couldn't agree more. Panic could just make the things worst. And it's great that the weather is siding with us.

  4. Everything you have mentioned are all true. That's why we do our best to practice all these until we finally win the battle against CoVid-19.


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