Sunday, December 17, 2017

AVON's Gift Guide

For some people, gift giving is not yet over though Christmas is. There are a lot of people who give out gifts on the first week of January for many reasons. Lack of funds, no time, and sometimes, just plain laziness are the many reasons why some people get delayed with their gifts.

Whatever the reason is, here's an AVON gift guide to help you out. What's better is that if you order online or through your favorite AVON lady,  they can just have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

For your sister or cousin who has long flowing hair, this brush set is perfect. It helps maintain their smooth long locks and at the back of the big brush is a mirror where they can check how they look.


For the stylish friend, Mom, or boss who needs to always be on fleek, these sunnies, press powder, earrings, and perfume will definitely keep them on top of their games.


For the man in your life be it you favorite brother, boyfriend, husband, or guy best friend, this watch will definitely help them step up their game. The USB cables that look like bracelets are also both functional and fashionable all at the same time.


For your favorite Tita, help keep them silent and have them stop asking the eternal question of "Single ka pa rin? Kelan ka mag aasawa?" These cute tumblers will be a great way to make them take a sip or two or a lot this Holiday season.


Of course, these set of lipstick is for any woman out there. No woman should ever be without an AVON lipstick because not only are these affordable but they are long lasting and looks good on anyone.


This Christmas, there is no need to battle it out with people. You just need to go to the AVON website to shop online or check the newest catalogue to choose which ones you like from your AVON lady.

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