Sunday, December 31, 2017

17 awesome things about 2017

2017 started out really great for me and ended on an even bigger note. There were so many things I ventured on and so many learnings from different things. However, there were just a few things that really stood out for me so here are 17 awesome things about 2017 in no particular order.

1. Ngo Family Hong Kong Vacation. It was our first out of the country family vacation and it was definitely memorable!

2. Cloudfone is AWESOME event. I got to ride a helicopter and race in expensive sports car all in one day. It really was awesome and once in a lifetime kind of event. 

3. Influence Asia in Malaysia. This was my first time in Malaysia and it was such a blessing to be able to travel to a different country. For me, it always will be. 

4. The ASUS Max Challenge with Jeron Teng. WE WON! 

5. 3rd guesting with Poptalk and this time, we went to different resorts! My first was a food trip, the second was a spa review, and now it was all about resorts. Life is good. 

6. Getting my very own Zenbook. I mean, just look at that beauty. 

7. Renewed as Spotify Influencer. This was my 2nd year. Thank you to Sunita and the Spotify team for trusting me again. 

8. I conquered Cavinti and saw my first twin waterfalls, the Sumucob Twin Waterfalls. 

9. My son has always been consistent with his school work. He is simply amazing. 

10. I was part of the first group to experience and post about Inflatable Island. It was pretty amazing and really fun! 

11. I won a trip on a cruise from Star Virgo care of Eye Society and was able to go back to Laoag and Hong Kong then visited Taiwan for the first time in my life. 

12. Ford took me on a differend kind of race, one that I don't think I can ever do again but it was definitely an experience. 

13.  I visited Kota Kinabalu, lost someone I thought was a friend, and found myself again. 

14. Church in Molo, Iloilo. I went inside this church and did a quick prayer. The story is that the patron saint of this place grants women their forever love if they ask sincerely which I did. 3 days later, I met Mark. This was also the time that ASUS had us work with them for Operation Smile which is one of their best projects to date. I also got to spend time with Patty which is always awesome. 

16. I went to Singapore for the first time in my life to cover an event and ended up spending quality time with my brothers. It was also there that I met Mark. I never knew he would become part of my life and why I will believe in love and forever once more. Thanks for coming into my life. 

17. My son. He will always be a reason why a year is awesome. 

PS. 18th would be friendships formed and retained but that's going to be an entirely different list altogether. Looking back, 2017 was all about travel and experiencing what life has to offer. It also threw me a curveball named Mark which rattled my world in a good way. 

Thank you 2017. There was one painful part that had to happen but I will always be grateful for that because it prepared me for all of the awesomeness that came right after. 

Hello 2018. Let's rock in an even more awesome way shall we? 

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