Monday, August 28, 2017

10 highlights of the AsiaPopComicon 2017

I have been invited to the Asia Pop Comicon last year and because I was an idiot, I simply assigned it to my staff instead of going myself. Having gone this year, I wanna kick myself now for not going last year.

Anyway, this year, I finally went because it turns out D has never been to a Comicon and so I thought, why not just go with him? Thankfully, we were approved for media passes which is pretty neat. #Excited 

Now, here are the 10 highlights of the Asia Pop Comicon FOR ME. Let's be clear. These are the highlights for me. First up!  

The first thing I heard when I entered was the OST of The Walking Dead which made my heart pump. For those who know me, you guys know how addicted I am to The Walking Dead. I am so invested in that series. Finally, I got the chance to see a walker up close and also Terminus After all, those who arrive, survive. 

Find someone who looks at you the way this zombie looked at me. Hahahaha. 
Second one was getting this shot of D using the ASUS Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro. I loved the overall outcome of this shot. 

3rd for me were all the cosplay that was happening.  There were a lot of really great cosplayers and I wish that next year, APCC will put a section where the cosplayers get 30minutes each to pose and show off their hard work on their costumes while people get to take their photos with them properly and without distraction. Hard work needs to be recognized. Seriously. 

Saw my ex with a girl in yellow. HAHAHAHAHA. 

Can I bring you home please? 

4th highlight was the Netflix area. So much love and so much feels for this place. Riverdale is love while Stranger Things just have really good props. 

5th was the stickers. I never knew our local artits were so kawaii nowadays. I wanted to buy all of them. I really, really do. 

6th was getting to meet Ray Fisher, him hugging me and saying "oh my God, you are so beautiful!" Ang haba ng hair ko!!! 

7th were the merchandise that were on sale. The sale is crazy because there were price cuts from 4500 to 1000.

8th is being able to give away tickets and making people happy. Here are the winners of the giveaway.

9th is hanging out with friends who geek out with you.

And the 10th is just being able to experiment with how I looked. Fine, it's not an experiment per se but that I was forced to learn to cover up blemishes and what not coz I had so many on those days.

So there. I am not a full on geek or part of any fandom but I did enjoy seeing Asia Pop Comicon and it was very enlightening. I'd definitely go ahead and cover it again next year. For now, I will indulge in binge watching Stranger Things, GoT, and Orange is the New Black.

Video here.

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